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If you are looking for someone to represent you in a criminal case, look no further. We are more than capable of handling any and all legal criminal cases and promise to work hard to represent you in court. We guarantee that we will dedicate our time to your case to make sure that we are doing everything we can to be the best for you. We have represented clients in all types of cases, including but not limited to: robbery, theft, DUI, and more!

A well respected law office in Richmond Hill, GA

When you confide in the professional legal staff at the law office of George A Waters, you're putting your confidence in the best that Richmond Hill, GA has to offer. Often, legal matters can be a source of great stress. Many times, we're able to help our clients relax because the team at George A Waters will take on the burden of legal matters for them. And in many cases, the legal support we provide makes all the difference in the outcome of our client's cases.

When you need a law office that can handle a wide variety of legal matters, you've come to the right place. If you're involved in a matter that demands legal action, we'll help you make sure that you have the fullest extent of the law on your side. When you rely on the law office of George A Waters, you're relying on Richmond Hill's best.


If you believe you were the victim of personal misconduct, our personal injury lawyers know just the right way to handle your case. If you were in an accident or were injured based on someone else's carelessness or mistake, look no further than to George A. Water's to represent you in your case.

Family law

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Matters of family law are always difficult for all parties involved, regardless of the situation. At George A Waters, we'll handle your case with the respect, discretion and care that all of the parties involved deserve. Our law office is experienced in all facets of family law, including divorce, custody, adoption and wills. We  work with the courts in the Richmond Hill area to ensure our clients have the best representation and outcomes possible.


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Even the best business relationships hit speed bumps. That's why the law office of George A Waters is here to smooth out the wrinkles. We'll help you understand corporate business law, including contracts, business documents and the finer aspects of business legalities. When you're unsure about any aspect of the law concerning your business, call George A Waters in Richmond Hill right away!


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Estate law is often fraught with confusion, misunderstanding and anger. At our law office, we specialize in estate law, and are here to help our Richmond Hill clients navigate this often confusing and intricate area of law. At George A Waters, we're here to help our clients wade through the legalities of estate law. We will get to the bottom of your case and claim in a fair and effective manner.

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